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The restaurant has been serving Lebanese food on the North Shore suburbs since 1979. We are located near Roseville Cinema, with plenty of off street parking. Although bookings are advisable, we always try to accommodate pre and after cinema customers. The service is prompt without compromising the dining experience. Our menu is designed with sharing in mind, and the food is ideal for large parties. Most credit cards are accepted including Amex.

Restaurant Menu


  • Hommos 12 :-

    Purée of chickpeas with tahini & lemon juice

  • Baba Ghanouj 12 :-

    Smoked eggplant dip with tahini & lemon juice

  • Labni b’toum 12 :-

    Homemade yoghurt with garlic & dried mint

  • Labni b’zaatar 12 :-

    Homemade yoghurt with dried thyme & sesame

  • Hommos b’awarma 14 :-

    Hommos topped with sauteéd mince lamb, onions & pine nuts

  • Trio of dips 14 :-

    Any three of the above dips


  • Tabouli 14 :-

    Parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions & crushed wheat with lemon juice & olive oil

  • Fattoush 14 :-

    Traditional mixed salad with sumac. Served with toasted Lebanese bread

  • Shanklish 14 :-

    Homemade crumbly cheese. Slightly spicy, with zaatar, red onions, tomatoes & olive oil


  • Grilled Haloumi (4) 10 :-

    Served with chopped mint, tomatoes & cucumbers

  • Falafel (4) 12 :-

    Mixed ground chickpeas & broad beans with coriander & spices. Served with tahini

  • Vine Leaves (6) 14 :-

    Filled with rice, parsley, mint, tomatoes and shallots, with lemon juice & olive oil

  • Zucchini chips 14 :-

    Semolina crusted and served with our garlic dip

  • Arnabeet 14 :-

    Cauliflower florets fried & drizzled with garlic & tahini

  • Batata Kezbarah 14 :-

    Diced potatoes with lemon, garlic, fresh coriander and baharat

  • Medammas 14 :-

    Coooked fava beans and chick peas with cumin, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil topped with parsley, shallots and diced tomatoes.


all served with our garlic dip, red onion and sumac garnish

  • Jawaneh (4) 14 :-

    Marinated chicken wings. Char-grilled & brushed with garlic sauce

  • Dajaj Mishwee (2) 16 :-

    Chargrilled lemon & garlic boneless thigh fillets

  • Tawouk (2 skewers) 16 :-

    Chargrilled marinated breast pieces

  • Chicken Kafta (2 skewers) 16 :-

    Chargrilled breast mince with feta, red capsicum and fresh coriander


  • Samkeh Harra (spicy) 20 :-

    Oven baked fish in a chilli tahini, capsicum, garlic and coriander sauce, topped with pine nuts

  • Samkeh Hamod 20 :-

    Oven baked lemon & garlic fish fillet, served with yoghurt and chickpea salad, toasted cumin seeds and Spanish onions

  • Samkeh Makli (5) 20 :-

    Fried fish bites served on toasted Lebanese bread topped with tomatoes, pickled turnip, parsley, garlic and tahini salad

  • Grilled Prawns (6) 20 :-

    Marinated in lemon, garlic & olive oil, char-grilled & served with rocket and pine nut salad

  • Honey & Zaatar Calamari 15 :-

    Served with our garlic dip


  • Kibbi (4) 14 :-

    Traditional crushed wheat shells filled with mince lamb, onions and pine nuts

  • Ladies Fingers (4) 13 :-

    Filo pastry rolls filled with sautéed mince lamb, onions and pine nuts

  • Soujuk (spicy) 14 :-

    Homemade lamb sausages, sautéed then finished in rich tomato sauce

  • Meatballs (5) 15 :-

    In a spicy tomato, onion, capsicum & coriander salsa.

  • Kafta (2 skewers) 15 :-

    Mince lamb with parsley and onions. Served with chargrilled tomato, capsicum, onion and sumac relish

  • Lahem Mishwee (2 skewers) 17 :-

    Marinated cubes of lamb. Served with tomato, capsicum, onion and sumac relish.

  • Pomegranate Lamb 19 :-

    Slow baked slivers of lamb marinated with pomegranate molasses, onions and capsicum topped with fresh pomegranate seeds and toasted almonds

  • Sheikh el mehshi 19 :-

    Oven baked in a clay pan, layers of eggplant, mince lamb and tomato sauce with melted haloumi top


same banquet for the entire table only

  • Meat Banquet 38 per person :-

    Hommos b’awarma, baba ghanouj, tabouli, grilled haloumi, vine leaves, falafel, chicken wings, ladies fingers, soujok, batata kezbarah, dajaj, lahem mishwee and baklawa to finish

  • Seafood Banquet 45 per person :-

    Hommos, baba ghanouj, tabouli, grilled haloumi, vine leaves, falafel, ladies fingers, grilled prawns, calamari, batata kezbarah, samak makli, samkeh hamod and baklawa to finish

Chef’s Specials

  • Makanek Arnabeet 15 :-

    Cauliflower and tahini dip topped with sautéed Makanek in lemon juice (Makanek : homemade lamb, Merlot and cloves sausages)

  • Zucchini bake 16 :-

    In a clay pan, zucchini, onions, garlic and thyme in tomato sauce Breadcrumb top

  • Chicken livers 16 :-

    Sautéed in baharat and pistachio then finished with sweet pomegranate dressing

  • Fassoliah 20 :-

    Lamb neck and cannellini bean stew with onions and garlic in tomato sauce. Served with vermicelli rice


  • Peroni 8 :-

  • Carlsberg 8 :-

  • Coopers Light 6 :-

  • Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale 8 :-

Soft Drink

  • Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml 6 :-

  • Lemon, Lime & Bitters 4 :-

  • Coke, Lemonade, Diet Coke 4 :-

  • El Karim Homemade Lemonade 4 :-

Lebanese Wine (from Chateau Musar)

Founded by Gaston Hochar in 1930, Chateau Musar lies in a 17th century Mzar castle in Ghazir, just North of Beruit overlooking the Mediterranean sea. One of the great wines of the world Chateau Musar has been run by Gaston’s sons, Serge and Ronald since 1959. With glowing reviews from international wine critics, Chateau Musar produces an earthy complex range of wines that age beautifully and Serge Hochar was awarded the first Decanter magazine “Man of the Year” in 1984.

  • Musar Jeune Rosé 39 :- 11 :-

    Apricot-like in colour, summery and fresh with lingering finish.

  • Musar Jeune Red 39 :- 11 :-

    Smooth and richly textured with a spicy red fruit palate, including prunes, damsons and plums, cherries and fresh tea leaves.

Red Wine

  • Opawa Pinot Noir (marlborough, nz) 35 :- 10 :-

    Firm yet subtle flavours of forest characters.

  • Fork & Spoon Cabernet Merlot (south australia) 30 :- 8.5 :-

    Ripe sweet plums with gentle tannins with a soft finish.

  • Rymill The Yearling / Cabernet Sauvignon (coonawarra, sa) 34 :- 9 :-

    Intense flavours and strong mouth-watering tannins run the length of the palate and make this wine incredibly smooth.

  • Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz (barossa, sa) 34 :- 9 :-

    A medium weight wine. A hint of spice with soft lingering finish.

  • Wirra Wirra Woodhenge Shiraz (mclaren vale, sa) 43 :-

    Ripe plums and dark berry fruits support a lovely rich and mouth filling wine.

White Wine

  • Heggies Vineyard Riesling (eden valley, sa) 34 :- 9 :-

    The palate is restrained with citrus and pear flavours. This wine matches perfectly with chicken and seafood.

  • Hãhã Sauvignon Blanc (marlborough, nz) 35 :- 10 :-

    Tropical fruits and gooseberry flavours lead to a fresh zingy finish.

  • South by Pirie Pinot Gris (tasmania) 39 :- 11 :-

    Intensely aromatic, abundant lycees, pear and stone fruit. The pear flows through onto the palate, with a rich mouth feel, and a zesty finish.

  • Primo Estate Primo Grigio (mclaren vale, sa) 35 :- 10 :-

    Subtle pear and green apple fruit characters, with a hint of texture and length balanced by crisp grape acidity.

  • Fork & Spoon / Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (south australia) 30 :- 8.5 :-

    Zesty and refreshing, with an abundance of tropical fruit flavours finishing clean and fresh.

  • Bleasdale Chardonnay (south australia) 34 :- 9 :-

    This wine displays complex aromas of classic stone fruit and citrus, leading to a creamy mid palate and crisp finish.

Fully Licensed | BYO Bottle of wine only | Corkage $4 per person
1.5% charge for all card payments

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